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  Q.  Can I replace the original laptop  LCD display with an OEM type?
  A.  Yes. As all laptop makers like IBM, HP, Dell,
Toshiba use more than one
         LCD manufacturer in their
products and often with in the same family of
         laptop. We take into consideration all technical aspects for 100%

  Q.  Can I change to a higher resolution and bigger size laptop screen?
.   Yes
You may be able to change to a higher resolution but it depends on the type
          of the video card in your laptop. Screen size can not be changed.

  Q.  Can you repair a physically broken LCD display?
  A.    No. It has to be replaced.

  Q.  My laptop screen has horizontal / vertical lines on it.
Can you fix it?
  A.  Lines on the screen could indicate a problem with the video card, video cable, or
         the screen itself. We will assess the fault and advice you for the best solution.